2016 Peace Officers Memorial Parade

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Every year the Peace Officers Memorial Parade is held at the provincial Legislature to remember and acknowledge those who have fallen in the line of duty protecting the rights and freedoms of Canada we all hold dear.  Previous to this … Continued


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It’s one of those last fall days.  You’re contemplating what to do?  Self says, lets go take photo’s out in the area of Wabamun Lake. So off we go.  Me, myself and I.  We’re a tight knit group and know … Continued

Walk for Valour 2016

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One of the hardest things we humans do, is to give of our time, effort and fortune without expectation of personal return or benefit.  When a large group cohesively decides doing so is the right thing to do, someone should … Continued

CSN Premier Collision Centre

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Sometimes opportunity presents itself.  My personal vehicle was damaged.  I made the claim, and was directed to the authorized repair company, CSN Premier Collision Centre.  A traumatic situation for anyone to be in.  Speaking to the staff, I advised what … Continued

Leduc #1 Discovery Centre

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I drove to the Leduc #1 Discovery Centre in Devon Alberta last Friday morning to meet up with the others from the St Albert Photo Club.  The group was keen on returning to the Centre a second time, due to … Continued

Old Fort Saskatchewan

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The sun is out.  The birds are singing.  The geese are flying overhead.  The water is flowing in the North Saskatchewan river.  It’s the 11th of March and it’s warm out.  Great day to take another look at the RCMP … Continued

Alberta Railway Museum

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On the 4th, our photo group obtained an opportunity to get into the Alberta Railway Museum.   I have no idea how this museum is organized or run.  The Museum is not yet open to the public for the year, but … Continued

Robbie Burns Dinner

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Stretching out and doing new things is what life is all about.  I had heard of the Robbie Burns Dinner celebration for years.  This year, as a professional photographer, I was asked to photograph the Robbie Burns Day celebration activities … Continued

Learning Never Stops

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This past weekend I attended an Architectural Photography class at the Burwell School of Photography in Edmonton.  Their courses are hands on.  You’re working with a master photographer who’s been in business for many years, so the attendees will obtain … Continued

St Albert Walk

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This is the part of joining a club, such as the St Albert Photo Club that just rocks.  Gathering at a previously agreed location, you each venture forth from that location for the next two hours, photographing things that capture … Continued

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