2014 Remembrance Day @ The Edmonton Butterdome

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2014 Rememberance Day (13 of 69)As a photographer, you allow those who could not be present at the Remembrance Day ceremony, the opportunity to review for themselves who was there and how the event unfolded.  I think I may have accomplished the task here (Photo’s).

The RCMP Veterans are all retired members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who have kept the faith over the years and maintained the right of all Canadians to be free in a democratic society.  Alongside their Military brethren, they have been in almost all theatres of war over the last century.   With over 4200 different disciplines within the Force, these personnel may have been public servants, civilian members, constables to commanding officers.  Today, they all stand together, and march in review as one unit.  Veterans of the RCMP.

Please take a moment to enjoy the photo’s and remember the day, as we did not get to this point in time without the efforts, sacrifices, and losses of those members before us, that kept our democratic right strong.


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