Attending a Workshop

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Attending a Workshop

On Wed, February 18, 7pm – 9pm I went to another meeting with the St Albert Photographic Club.  Although I hadn't "joined" the club yet, my only information source was their calendar.  When I looked that the calendar it only stated that this night was a workshop night.  This to me was a flag to bring my camera gear.  For what I did not know.  So in I went.

Inside the meeting room, here's a professional photographer with his model.  The theme for the night was found to be "Shooting with a Model".  And what a model!  Out came the iPad and an abundance of notes were taken.  Both the photographer and his model "Roxy" (a professional freelance model) were very engaging.  There crowd of participants fielded many questions to both persons.  Communications, background checks, documentation, and safety were a few of the topics discussed.  A very worthwhile meeting.

Rob Stewart

Roxy 3






Model "Roxy"

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