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A memorial to all Fire Fighters
A memorial to all Fire Fighters

2015-02-20 @ 09:30 the St Albert Photo Club went for a photo walk in Old Strathcona (the Whyte Avenue area of Edmonton).  The task was to capture anything artistic in that area.  So each member went off on their own to capture the local flavour.  The first challenge was the weather.  The second was the footing.  The third was to very poor lighting.  Despite that, many exceptional images were captured and posted on the St Albert Photo Club Flicker account.  The photos I captured were at best, amateur.  But this is new to me so I persevered with the rest to capture what I could.

Following the exercise, we met at the 1912 Cafe’ a high end bistro on Whyte Ave.   Around a table we spoke about the days captures and other notable activities we each had in the past.  I readily noted that my history as a police officer may have cramped my style as a budding artist.  I mainly listened to the others.  But, learning new things, and reaching out to new activities, is always good news.  After a short while we each went our own ways.

At home I had to learn another new activity as I’d never been on Flicker before.  Even though I have a web page where I place my media, the way in which the uploads occur is different.  But, I did beat the beast.  My photo’s are there.  Here are a couple of them for interest sake.

Rob Stewart

ST Albert Photo Club Walk 20150220 ST Albert Photo Club Walk 20150220

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