RCMP Vet’s February Awards Night

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Vets February 2015In Canada, there are people who are your basic law abiding citizens who go through their lives with little or no recognition of ever having been there.  There are others who stand out in the crowd and become notable for only a moment of time.  But then there are people who are born to stay in the game and keep giving of themselves over and over again.  Last night, the Edmonton RCMP Veterans Association recognized one of their members, who after giving his life to helping others in Canada as a police officer, in retirement he continues to give of himself to his country and community.

Richard A. Floyd was awarded a Life Membership award from the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Mr Floyd is joined in the photo by, his wife to his left, and Jerry Plastow, President of the Edmonton RCMP Veterans Assn.  The plaque reads, “With sincere thanks and appreciation for your generous support of the RCMP Historical Collections Unit, RCMP Heritage Centre, Regina Saskatchewan, 2014.”   Regina Saskatchewan is the home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police nationally.  Throughout the evening others were identified, each for their own accomplishments and continued service as well.

In your retirement, would you keep giving to your community?  Or will you take your pension and live out your life unremarkably?  Best of luck!

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