Edmonton Aviation Photo Walk

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Daisy MAE2015-02-27 @ 10AM the St Albert Photo Club members met at the Edmonton Aviation Museum.  Quite a turn out.  It was nice to take your time and just enjoy the location.  Being a retired airline pilot, this was right up my street.  I set my camera gear down and just fiddled around. I tried to locate things about this industry that I enjoyed, and what I thought others may also enjoy.

On top of this fun, there is some family history involved as well.  My dad was in the Royal Canadian Air Force and there in the museum was one of the planes he talked about repairing, the Anson.  He was a hydraulics specialist, and sidelined in doping the fabric that covered the aircraft.  He was stationed here in Alberta during part of the war.

The staff at the museum were great to allow us to bring our gear in and take roost.  It is a place wherein you could loose time in!  There is so much to photograph.  Luckily, the staff had an open classroom set up in the middle of all the exhibits.  The old people could sit and contemplate there, as no classes were going on this day.

The Edmonton Aviation Museum building itself is an identified Heritage Building now and as such cannot be removed.  The museum has acquired property at Villeneuve Airport and intends to start building there as well as having the Edmonton site.  Hence the choice to take the Boeing 737 to that airport.

Enough talk.  Here are some of the photo’s.

B25 Mitchell

AnsonAnsonTiger Moth

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