Kingsway Legion Branch 175 – Edmonton

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Yesterday, the Kingsway Legion located at 14339 50th St NW, Edmonton, received the final touch to their new establishment grounds.  An M109 self propelled Howitzer was delivered to the site on 2015-09-25.  This unit fired a 155 millimetre (6.1″) shell.  This particular unit was previously stationed in Quebec, and was no longer needed in the Military’s active inventory.  So, specially decommissioned by the Canadian Military, the unit was shipped here to live out the remainder of its life on a specially prepared pedestal facing Fort Road.  Now every passer by will be able to see and wonder about the old weapon.

Myshak Crane & Rigging Ltd., the Kingsway Legion personnel, and the Edmonton City Police all worked together to hoist the mobile field gun from the delivery truck up and onto its pedestal.  The lift went off well, without any problems or issues.  Once the great gun was located on the pedestal, the tracks were then welded to the drive sprockets so there would be no chance of the unit ever rolling from its position.  Safety first!

Special thanks goes out to all involved in this event.  As well, thanks to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 175 for maintaining a piece of Canadian history for everyone.  And for those who’ve gone before, God bless!  We shall not forget!

Rob Stewart


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