Alberta Peace Officers Memorial Parade

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The point of acknowleging history that has occurred is to learn from it.  Learn where our actions have failed us.  Learn that we must be ever vigilant for a safer future for all.  Learn that to reinforce our Canadian beliefs in justice, freedom, and democracy, sometimes tragedy may occur.  We all want a better and safer existence to be sure!  So we proclaim loudly, on a day like today, “Look at what has happened!”

Unfortunately, in reinforcing the right to freedom and democracy, some peace officers have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting Canadians.  It is important that everyone truly understand the reality of violence.  It is important that we work with the grief we all feel, that accompanies a loss of a loved one, to improve ourselves for the future.

Peace Officers often speak about being part of a larger family, all united toward a common cause of peace.  These people work very closely with each other, and yes sometimes intimately, to get the job done.  For its only knowing your brother well, that keeps you safe in this line of work!  As a para military group, peace officers can draw on their extended families as you would to overcome adversity and challenge.

When tragedy occurs, the extended Peace Officer family rallies together in solidarity and support of one another.  Celebrating life and death, brings about a day like this, so that everyone in the community we call home become aware of the vigil Peace Officer’s hold dear.  Please enjoy with me, that day of history and celebration for a better future to come.  Support your local Peace Officer.  God knows they need it!


PS: You will notice in some photo’s there are a few personnel who are in the RCMP ranks and are not wearing the typical Red Serge uniform, but instead, a red blazer.  These personnel are retired veterans of the RCMP, who continue the long and honoured tradition of this family.  They continually give of themselves to their communities without request for acknowledgement.  They ask nothing for it.  But that is the history of the Force!

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