Morinville Walk

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One of the last warm mornings of the year, I headed out to Morinville to photograph the sunrise over the town.  I’d not done that yet in my field trips, and here was the first opportunity to do so,  I had packed up my gear the night before, so I was ready.  Did I forget anything as I rushed out the door?  Nope!  Got it all.

Down the highway I go in the dark morning.  The multitude of rural dwellers making their way in to Edmonton was significant on the opposite side of the highway.  Smooth sailing north along highway 2, I found myself in Morinville in no time.  Then the pressure is on.  How to capture an interesting photo group as the sun comes up all the time telling a story as I go.  I didn’t want to waste the day with indecision.

I love photo’s of the water, as I think most do, so I went to the pond just to the west of town.  There are some light industrial businesses there, and a very small trailer park, immediately adjacent this pond.  I’ve often observed people fishing in this pond as I’ve passed by on the highway.  So it’s not a sewage lagoon!

Approaching the pond, there wasn’t much light yet, and so, dodging the abundance of gopher holes was a task.  I could just make out the the entire centre of the pond as I shuffled down the bank.  The centre of the pond was rife with waterfowl, all talking away to each other.  It was too dark to get them in sharp shot and freeze their actions.  When I tried to get close to the shore, all the waterfowl took off.  However, a couple of birds stayed behind.  The sun was rising above the horizon.  A sea gull was just beside me, and seemed like he didn’t want to get up for the day just yet.  When I moved closer to him, he slowly turned away and walked two steps and stopped.  He never did fly away!  Must have been a hard night for him last night?  You know, moving through bull rushes wearing a fleece jacket doesn’t work to well.  I emerged covered in bull rush fluff!

As the sun was getting stronger, I relocated to up town Morinville, to take some photo’s of the sun and the people moving about.  From my first vantage point, I was able to obtain one of those pictures showing the car lights as streaks on the roadway.  I call it “Good Morning Morinville”.  I drove about Morinville trying to discover something that would elicit a story in the mind of the viewer.  I’d lost the sunrise moment.  But too, there were no clouds in the sky to give that drama shot to the morning.  So, the next best thing I ask myself, “What’s the sun doing to the environment as it strikes it?”

Just at that moment I was crossing a set of railroad tracks that were glistening in the early sunshine.  Oh!  Stop!  Stop! I told myself.  I just have to capture this rather than saying to myself, that’s cool and moving on.  After all, I was here to take photo’s, not just scout things out.  The way I’m seeing this, at this time, likely nobody else has thought to capture the light this way?  Maybe I’m going to get lucky with this subject?  So I parked the truck and jump out camera to the ready.  The grain elevator nearby could be heard moving grain though its auger’s.  The smell of fresh grain hung in the air.  The dust from the grain changed the look of the sunshine and enhanced the environment with a slight foggy look.  Walking the track area, I took many photo’s, not knowing if at all any may strike my limited artistic values back home.  Walking back to the truck, I looked up at the moon, still bright and large in the sky.  My daughter and I had been out capturing the “Blood Moon”, so I took a photo of this moon as it appeared just past the antennae atop the tip top of grain elevator equipment.

After having a great lunch in the Bistro in Morinville, I headed home for those obligatory fall duties all home owners face at this time of year.  I hope you enjoyed my little trip.  Enjoy the photo’s!

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