Borden Park – Edmonton

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An early morning walk in the park.  No.  The St Albert  Photo Club decided to visit Borden Park in Edmonton.  The park, located on 112th Ave, and is filled with sculptures of all different types.  I have captured a couple here.  The art leaves me wondering what the person, and better yet, was City Council thinking when they approved these pieces.  Keep an open mind I guess!  The park is now hosting the Sonic Boom music festival each year I have learned.  There is an open air pool that stands closed until 2017.  Walking through the park, it’s readily evident this park has been here for a long time.  All the vegetation was fully grown.  There were new concrete paths installed and general maintenance going on.

It was a cold start to the day.  Had to pull on layers of clothing, gloves, and a hat to stay warm.  None the less, it was setting up to be a wonderful day.  I had never been in this park before.  Almost everyone who lives in Edmonton will have been around the park however,  It’s bordered on the North by the Race Track, on the North East by Northlands, on the East by Wayne Gretski Drive and so on.  So if you have taken in horse racing, the boat show, or a hockey game, likely you’ve been right near the park.

As a portrait photographer, I am challenged by this type of photography.  What to capture?  So I wandered around and captured what caught my eye.  One of the club members had shown how he uses his camera to create abstracts in a way.  So I had to try that as well.  Enough talk.  Hope you enjoy these photo’s.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  Enjoy.  Oh!  Also, see if you can guess what the final two photo’s are of.  For me it was an experience I won’t forget.


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