Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre

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Driving out to the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre, I made the southward turn through the traffic circle at Villeneuve.  As my gaze looked back towards Edmonton, there was the most perfect calendar sunrise.  Right place wrong time.  There was an eighteen wheeler right behind me as I cleared the circle.  So, safety first, I kept going and missed a great shot.  Bummer!

The best part of traveling through the Acheson area en route Devon, there is little traffic to deal with.  I made good time to Devon where todays excursion was taking me.  Arriving at the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre, some of the club members were already on site.  Walking through the front door of the Centre, you’re met with a large reception area.  It is right away apparent that this place is a going concern.  A theatre on my left; a curio store on my right; administration and Discovery Centre straight ahead.  The Centre’s Executive Director, Cheryl Lawrence, met with us as we arrived.  She gave us a basic tour and we were off snapping photo’s.

I would say that visitors to the Centre would have to either have a mechanical interest in life or a “need to know” about the oil field and the equipment necessary to discover oil and get it to market.  There are a lot of very detailed models on hand.  One I keyed into right away was the Hibernia platform.  The model is huge!  Of course if you recall CBC’s coverage of this platform being built and towed out to its drill site, you too would be interested.  

I tried to capture the interior of the site, as they don’t have many current photo’s.  Lacking a tilt shift lens, I did my best with what I had.  I ran into a past president and founder of the Centre, Daniel W. Claypool.  Mr. Claypool had been in the oil discovery industry nearly all his life.  In my brief interaction with Mr Claypool, he related some real adventures most of us could only dream of.  It was great meeting him.

The Centre has eighty acres to its name.  The site’s equipment on display does not cover all eighty acres.  However, there is a significant amount of diverse equipment on hand within easy walking distance of the Centre.  

Where do you start I thought?  I came across one old drill rig from the earliest years I’d bet.  I’d watched a movie a long time ago called Boom Town, staring Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Clobert, and Hedy Lamarr.  The drill rig did nothing more than go up and down pounding pipe into the ground.  One of our club members is named after the actress, Ms Lamarr I’m told.

It was a place everyone should see.  I hope you enjoy the photo’s.

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