Edmonton Photographic Trade Show

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The Edmonton Photographic Trade Show took place last Sunday.  The show is put on by McBain Camera.  There are a great many things to visit while at the show like your favourite vendors for equipment, or workshops for free, or formal training schools.  Everything a budding photographer would need to make informed choices.

There was a photo contest that takes place every year.  I entered one photo, that I have to share credit with my wife on as she got me up and out on a foggy morning to take some shots.  I won the photo contest with two others.  One of the winners was from my photo club, and the other from Mundare Alberta.  Have a look at the winning photo.  I hope you too think it was worthy.  It was taken with a Nikon D810, using a 24-70 lens.  The photo was taken in the Villeneuve area of Alberta.  I want to add that my formal photographic training is in portraiture work.  I received my training at the Paul Burwell School of Photography which has proven money well spent.

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