Walterdale Area

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Today I walked the Walterdale area in downtown Edmonton.  The focus of my walk was the new bridge that’s being built and the old power plant that’s there beside it.

Parking at the Kinsmen, I walked over to the old bridge to see if there was a position from where the new construction activity could be photographed from.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any access to the East side pedestrian walkway of the old bridge.  So, walking North across the old bridge on the West side, I wanted to know, was there a vantage point to be gained from being on the bridge?  Answer, no.

Crossing the roadway Eastward towards Telus field, there were no breaks in the barriers.  Construction fencing was everywhere and some distance from the riverbank.  Talking to Security, it was mentioned that there may be a point on the East side of Telus field that may suit our needs.  That area too was found to be secured all the way to the river.  Although the walk through the neighbourhood in this area is interesting, and likely offered some photographic items, returning to where I started from was the only option.

Back on the South side of the bridges, I walked up the hill to the South of the bridge and captured some photo’s from there.  For my style of photography, I thought today was largely a bust.  The photo’s I did capture, I decided to go black and white, and play with the colour sliders.  I think it fit with construction, rough and edgy.  With all the colourful equipment in the construction area, it was very interesting to see just what was affected in each photo by removing colours one by one.  So, because boys are largely mechanically minded, and girls are not, black and white works to satisfy the boy in me.  And the photo too!

There was one thing that was going on here that puzzles me.  The ends of the bridge are in place.  But the centre arch section of the bridge is being fabricated some distance away from the bridge.  I do want to be there when they go to move that centre section over to the bridge and install it.  I want to see how they are going to pull that off?  Ought to be a very very large crane!

I hope you enjoy these few photo’s.

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