Street Walk – Edmonton Downtown

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This morning we took a trip into Edmonton specifically to capture photo’s of people, places, and things we encountered.  We converged on City Hall to commence the days activities.  Epcore was out in force, in Churchill Square, installing Christmas Lights on all the trees.  They were currently working on the large Christmas tree which is annually installed in the square.  Three large bucket trucks were there to do the ariel work. Looking around the square, it appeared that they have been working at this for some time.  All the limbs on the trees in the square had been wrapped with Christmas lights.  It ought to be a great night shot when the lights go on!

Entering City Hall, we made our way to the top floor to look down on the huge foyer and staircase.  One of the city personnel took us into a seldom shown area, where an artist was resident, crafting oil paintings for the city.  Great work!  Of course where artists work, there are always opportunities to capture.  To protect the floor, the artist had covered the floor with some dark coloured panels.  I assume the paint on them was surplus splatter as the works are created.  It was unique.  I called it City Hall’s Million Dollar undiscovered art.City Centre (4 of 22)

People are what I really like to photograph, so on we pressed to find some “street people.”  We did find some.  Most were agreeable to have their photo taken.  One I encountered reminded me of Mike Holmes.  His name was Mitch.  He posed for us in his safety gear.  Then moved on to work.  

We met a few less fortunate sole’s who gladly allowed us to photograph them.  In return for the photos, they were given spare change.  (This act was something I learned from an instructor as an acceptable “best practice”.)  We encounter one person in a wheel chair on a street corner, playing a brass instrument.  This person was really good!  We enjoyed his talent.  Another subject nearby was rolling a cigarette made from discarded butt’s.  The person related how he arrived on the bus with no money and had to get to the U of A Hospital.  We told him the shortest way to get there.  Exposure on this great day presented no issues of exposure for this person.

One of the most engaging items we photographed was the new architecture.  Steel and glass going in everywhere.  We felt sorry for the little Charlie Brown evergreen tree atop some large rocks outside the Scotia Tower where it looked dwarfed and lonely.  At the same time, as the sun was out today, the reflections in this area were awesome.  Also, if you have claustrophobic feelings, the downtown may not be the place for you.

We ended our morning excursion back where we started.  A great lunch was in store at Ricky’s on Jasper Ave.

I hope you enjoy these photo’s.


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