China Town Walkabout

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Early this morning the photography club and I headed to wander the China Town area of downtown Edmonton.  Having never been there to just walk around and take photo’s, most of the time photo’s I acquired are  by happenstance.  Sometimes you are able to get creative, but largely, I felt it’s like capturing images for a documentary on the area.  I could expound on what I observed and why I took the shots I did.  However, this time, it’s up to you!  It was evident that this area is being redeveloped with an emphasis unmaking the area foot friendly and saving historic buildings (or at least their facade).  People we encountered, were friendly and talked about the age of some of these buildings.  There were some statues which puzzled me.  I had a great time here and really enjoyed the lunch that followed.  You have to love Asian food!  Have a look and enjoy.



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