St Albert Christmas Train

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I’ve had many comments on this series of photo’s of the St Albert Christmas Train.  I’ve lived in Alberta for fifteen years and never knew of the railroad having a Christmas Train.  This year I was told of the train, and that I had forty five minutes to get to the St Albert train station to photograph it.  That being said, the family and I dropped what we were doing, and headed to the St Albert Train Station (today the station is only there – with grain elevators – in the form of a museum.)

At the crossing near the station I met several other photographers waiting for the train in the subzero weather.  One person commented the train had already gone by towards the west, but that now it was returning to Edmonton, backing along the track.  (An location to turn the train around does not exist in our area.)  Luckily, within a short few minutes, the train did arrive in all its glory.  It was totally covered in LED lights front to back.  It was moving at about ten miles per hour.  A rail worker was on the rear of the train waving at the people on the crossing, ready to tell the engineer if there was a need to stop.  Safety first!  The train never stopped in St Albert.  It just rolled through.

I set up my tripod and camera.  The blue hour was upon us, so a couple of shots of the station in the waining sunset were taken.  At the rate of speed of the train, I calculated that I would take a long exposure to capture the train as I wanted to see it.  Twenty five seconds would do.  The train passed my camera.  I thought at the last minute that maybe my camera was to close to the train, but in fact, I was well inside a safe area.  As a funny happenstance, you can see through the train lights to the St Albert train station on the other side of the tracks.  As well, one person asked me after seeing the photo, where the wheels of the train were?  The trickery of photography I said!

Frozen by this time, we bundled up our kit and kids and returned to the warmth of the house.  Enjoy the photo’s of the St Albert Christmas Train.

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