Wood Turning In Edmonton

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I was asked to attend a wood turning club gathering.  I have an interest in wood turning and thought this would be fun.  The meeting was at a business on 99th Ave. in Edmonton.  I met people who were from many different vocations.  All of these people with the same final interest, they called it simply “turning!”

This nights meeting was about safety.  The MC apologized to the new people joining the group, as they would be seeing some very grousome injuries this night.  Indeed they were grousome.

There was a show and tell table, plus a draw table, for a couple of exotic pieces of wood.  The show and tell table contained exhibits of what members had made.  I photographed these extraordinary pieces.

During the safety meeting, members were asked to report on their own injuries while “turning” their pieces.  All very very exciting.  There was one person however, who seemed to be known by all.  Speaking to the crowd, she was a real down to earth person who I found enjoyable to listen to.

The fallowing day I was introduced to this person, Joanne Sauvageau of Whitecourt Alberta.  She was exhibiting her work, and how she does it, at the Bonny Dune Mall in Edmonton.  I photographed her and her works.  She was producing a small item out of a piece of tree branch it appeared.  Everything is turned from green (as in, just cut from the tree) wood.  Fascinating accomplishments to be sure.


Joanne Sauvageau Turned Treasures By Jo Whitecourt, Alberta
Joanne Sauvageau
Turned Treasures By Jo
Whitecourt, Alberta

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