St Albert Walk

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This is the part of joining a club, such as the St Albert Photo Club that just rocks.  Gathering at a previously agreed location, you each venture forth from that location for the next two hours, photographing things that capture your imagination or attention.  Some call it “chasing the light.”  Some call it other things.  Whatever you call it, it’s the camaraderie and exercise that really works.  Both of which we all need!

Some of us are creatively endowed.  Some are challenged.  However, with a singular passion in all, and a little effort put forth, the resulting images and surrounding discussions just work.  Especially following the two hours of great exercise and conversing with all the other shop owners or street people you meet along the way.  Following the two hours, is the food at locations you may never have been to before.  Today was the cafe at the corner of St Thomas St. and St. Joseph St. in St Albert’s downtown.  The food was excellent.

I captured these photo’s today.  From walking along the Sturgeon River, to the specialty shops on Perron St., it was a great day.  I observed things that I likely would never have even given a second glance to otherwise.  I pass along a great thanks to all the people who indulged our passion and allowed us into their world for a brief moment.  It was well worth the time spent.  All of these photo’s were taken using a 105mm Macro lens.  I decided to challenge myself today, using only one lens and working the shots.  I challenge others to come along and join the club.


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