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Architectural Class of 2016 Burwell School of Photography
Architectural Class of 2016
Burwell School of Photography

This past weekend I attended an Architectural Photography class at the Burwell School of Photography in Edmonton.  Their courses are hands on.  You’re working with a master photographer who’s been in business for many years, so the attendees will obtain “real world” methodologies and experiences.  In this course you’re also taken “off site” to actually photograph interior and exterior shots with the master photographer.  You’ll see what he sees, and listen to him talk through the mechanics and considerations of a shoot.  You’re given a timeline constraint to carry out “your own shoot” in the same area. Following this, your shots are critiqued by the master to determine if you are taking in the details and guidance given.  At all times you are encouraged to interact with the master shooter, up to the point of one on one direction, enabling the student a complete understanding of the process.

The first day was understanding the mechanics of taking the photographs.  This was followed by photographing parts of the Providence Centre to put into practice the theory we’d just learned.  This was followed by great discussions.  Facebook was used to communicate with everyone and display some of the shots obtained by the students.

The second day was a game changer.  The Hotel MacDonald, downtown Edmonton, agreed to host our morning shoot.  As quickly as possible, our instructor took us from room to room in the building that hotel management agreed to allow us to shoot.  The instructor brought with him his mobile lighting system, with generic remote trigger, so everyone could experience planning and executing interior fill flash shots.  The details in the hotel are unlike many other locations in the city.  My hat is off to the hotel and their staff for being so gracious while we were there.  What a great place to be.

Returning to the Providence Centre, again the master shooter took all of our cars and downloaded our shots.  Examining them this time with a more critical eye, our master shooter took us through development of shots he chose from each of us.  There was debate and discussion, all towards ensuring everyone walked away from the course with a good foundation for architectural photography.  I can say without a doubt we achieved our goal and then some.  

Our master shooter and course instructor was Rocco Marci.  Rocco has been a photographer for over thirty years,  At one time Rocco had one of the largest photography firms in Edmonton.  

Each time you attend a class you make new and hopefully lasting acquaintances.  I must say I did.  We also met some wonderful people along the way.  As I am a trained portrait photographer, I did take the opportunity, whilst out and about, and as each opportunity presented itself, to obtain more portraits.  Something akin to street photography, but a notch or two higher.  A gracious thank you to all who agreed and gave permission to place their images on my web site.  You may also catch some of the photo’s on my Facebook.



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