Alberta Railway Museum

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On the 4th, our photo group obtained an opportunity to get into the Alberta Railway Museum.   I have no idea how this museum is organized or run.  The Museum is not yet open to the public for the year, but for special groups, they will allow entry into the site.  On this day, the wind and the overcast made the trip a little more challenging for me.  As well, I was not dressed for a day of greasy dirty adventure.  Had I been so, I think my photo’s would have reflected that.

I walked the property first, looking through at all that was there.  When I was done that, it was nearly time to leave.  I was looking for something that spoke back to me, that may be a good or great image.  I must admit, there wasn’t much at this time of year and in my disposition.  However, later in the spring, there could be some great photo ops using models.

The volunteers that keep this place afloat, are working hard with what they have.  (We observed this inside the large heated barn that housed several engine units in various states of repair.)  I thought to myself; this place needs a huge influx of people to make the property more presentable to the public.  I would also suggest that they should let go of some of the pieces that are in very serious states of decay.

The challenge with all railroads is keeping the rail bed viable.  For photographers, an undulating rail bed speaks of time and character of location.  The more undulation in the rails the better.  The Alberta Railway Museum has lots of rail bed issues to be sure.  The rail bed constructed at the entrance to the museum property is one spur with serious issues.  But it was constructed for a one time use; display.

Breaking down machinery to determine why the engine doesn’t run is fun.  But leaving the broken down parts open to the elements and visible to the public, provides us with great macro photo ops. only.  It does nothing for the appearance and betterment of the museum at large, I would suggest.  This is why I suggest that a large group of volunteers would be needed to help clean and organize the site.

The few photo’s I took are not inspiring at all.  I did modify a few to enhance the photo’s and give them life.

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