Old Fort Saskatchewan

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The sun is out.  The birds are singing.  The geese are flying overhead.  The water is flowing in the North Saskatchewan river.  It’s the 11th of March and it’s warm out.  Great day to take another look at the RCMP museum at Fort Saskatchewan.  I noted the local use of the word “precinct” by the City of Fort Saskatchewan to refer to the RCMP Fort.  Precinct is an American term, applied here.  I had studied and wrote about the History of the RCMP in university, The use of the word “precinct” was never used as a reference term by the RCMP.  A “fort” or “detachment” were the only references used.

The photo club members who could make the trip this day, assembled at the old warden’s house.  Paying our entry fee, the staff opened and accompanied us through the property.  Everyone was clicking away with their camera’s capturing their items of interest.  I found myself just wandering the Fort for a large part of the visit.  I’ve been here several times in the past, with the RCMP Edmonton Veterans Association, photographing their activities.  It was far to nice a day to get to tied up searching for the ambiguous or unique perspective within this past representation of prairie life.

I was glad to see that the City of Fort Saskatchewan is still moving forward with their construction plans for the Fort.  It had grown a little since I was last here.  As I understood the mayor’s vision, they will slowly but eventually get to a point where this Fort and its surrounding properties will be one of the premier “go to” places for tourists in Alberta.  Moving through the property, I noted how clean and tidy this site is.  There is a lot of attention to detail taken here.

Within one of the buildings, I had a moment of historical thought occur.  When I was growing up, my grandfather was a great believer in the Queen and what she stood for.  In the Non Commissioned Officer’s mess, there was a black and white photo of the queen mom (Victoria) hanging on the wall with the British flag overhead.  I got out the camera to capture this.  It has meaning to my family and I.  I though of my grandfather right away.  I actually have his original full size British ensign.  Memories!  Memories!  Isn’t that what this place is for?  It worked for me!

I walked the property outside the Fort where many old and significant homes and shops have been placed.  One building was actually original to the site.  The old court house.  I’ve spent a lot of time in courts through my career.  I was interested to see if anything was different here.  Indeed there was.  The location of the accused within the room.  Very interesting.  There are a great many details of the old courthouse everyone would like.  It is great it now serves a as child education centre. (Some would call day care!)  Good idea for the old building.  They don’t make ’em like they used to!

I would suggest that everyone who has some time on their hands, take in this site.  There’s quite a lot of old lifestyle artifacts here to examine.  As always, I hope you enjoy the photo’s.

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