Leduc #1 Discovery Centre

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I drove to the Leduc #1 Discovery Centre in Devon Alberta last Friday morning to meet up with the others from the St Albert Photo Club.  The group was keen on returning to the Centre a second time, due to the sheer volume of great material available for photographers.  I’ve said it before that a photo is worth a thousand words!  Within the photo’s this group captures are those interesting things that you look at, but are usually not aware of why you did?  What caught your gaze?

Since I’ve been with this group of fellow photographers, I know I’ve grown, my eye is keener, and I really look at my surroundings with a photographers eye.  (Albeit, a picky one.)  However, I am still a person who studies people first, as each of are unique and interesting shapes.

With that said, I decided that I would give back to the personnel in attendance, their own personal professional portrait.  The chief problem, was getting them to agree!  After stating what my intent was, the staff actually bought into the thought and graciously played along.  Cheryl, Cassandra, and Kevin had their photo’s taken.  One of my fellow club members was kind enough to also join in the theme of what I was doing.  I thank him for his kind assistance and perspective advice.  It made the activity go well.

Of special note, since our last visit, Dan Claypool had been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (civil division) from the Governor General of Canada, the Right Honourable David Johnston.  Mr Claypool is credited for his work on saving a part of modern history in Alberta.  Unfortunately for this trip, Dan had fallen and taken a hit right on his nose.  The next day Dan was sporting two black eyes.  However, true to Dan, it doesn’t let it slow him down.  Congratulations Mr Claypool!  (I have included Dan’s photo from our previous visit.)

Thanks again to the staff of the Leduc #1 Discovery Centre for making our trip another great memory.  A special best wishes to Cassandra for her upcoming nuptials.
Enjoy the photo’s!

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