CSN Premier Collision Centre

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Sometimes opportunity presents itself.  My personal vehicle was damaged.  I made the claim, and was directed to the authorized repair company, CSN Premier Collision Centre.  A traumatic situation for anyone to be in.  Speaking to the staff, I advised what my passion was as theirs was evident.  They chuckled.  I’m sure they never thought I would actually show up with camera in hand.

When the call came the truck was ready to go, I looked over the repaired area with the manager, Terry Richter.  There were a couple of spots needing attention, so the return visit was scheduled with the receptionist.  I reiterated that I would be returning with my camera on that day.  The repair was scheduled for only an hour to complete.

Arriving as scheduled, I turned the truck over to the staff, and pulled my camera equipment from the truck.  Inside Terry was busy on the phone.  I observed Terry slipping away from his desk into the workshop area while I was conversing with reception.  Terry came back into the reception area and stated that he’d advised all of his staff and that I was free to roam the shop to photograph them at work.  I jumped at the opportunity.

Immediately on the other side of the shop door were many cars and trucks in various states of repair.  The staff were very cordial and played the game with me.  One of the things I love, is photographing professional people physically doing something mechanical.  Here was a entire room of people doing just that.

Trying not to get in the way, or offend any of them while asking for a shot, I took shots where I could.  I was in the area with my best camera, so I found myself being very conservative about how close I went to the action.  When I found myself inside the paint booth with the painter who had just commenced painting, I bolted!  To close I thought.  A close equipment inspection will be in order following my visit.

With the shop as a blurry background, I captured portrait photo’s as they presented themselves.  At lunch, Terry gathered all the staff working this day for a group shot and with that my day here was over.  The one thing that rang true through my visit with Terry and his crew, were the attitudes of the all the employees.  Everyone was happy.  There was a harmony and respect that I noted.  I was happy that I had been directed here to have my vehicle repaired.  The encounter was well worth the work.

I know not everyone will enjoy looking at these photo’s.  I call it a “guy thing!”  Life is about new acquaintences and searching for the happiness we all crave.  All of these people shown here are all true artists in their own right.  Taking something mangled and making it like new again is awesome!  It was a real pleasure to meet these people.


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