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It’s one of those last fall days.  You’re contemplating what to do?  Self says, lets go take photo’s out in the area of Wabamun Lake.

So off we go.  Me, myself and I.  We’re a tight knit group and know what we like.  The only problem we have, is the choice of what to capture?

We’ve all heard the experts who say there’s a photo everywhere, you just have to capture it.  And others who say follow the light!  The best pictures are when the light is perfect, and so on.  Everyone is entitled to their own unique and special perspective.  Sometimes choices are hard.

When I’m out taking nature landscapes, I tend to run and gun the moment.  There’s so much to see and so little time.  Travel time is a huge waste of time to be sure.  However, there are sometimes rewards where you least expect them.  So never give up.  Always move forward.  Don’t give in and trust there’s always something there just for you.  And when you see it, you’ll know – won’t you!

The images below depict bees and a couple other shots for interest.  The first is your standard beehive that you’d expect to happen upon in the wild.  The metal barrel was abandoned on the side of a public roadway.  I had no idea what was in the barrel, I just kept my distance for good reason.  (My mother was allergic to wasps.)  What every was in the barrel, they sure liked.  I just hope and pray no one gets hurt here.  Stupid why someone would do this.

Here’s my day.  Enjoy.

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