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I founded Rob Stewart Photo in 2013 in beautiful St. Albert, Alberta, following my retirement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I have for many years used photo’s to help depict and describe significant occurrences. "One look is worth a thousand words." [Frederick R. Barnard]

As a lifestyles photographer, I have specialized in portraiture photography. To augment and enhance my previous photographic education and experience, I acquired formal Portraiture training at the Burwell School of Photography in Edmonton.

To me, capturing your special moments, special person(s), or events correctly, or special place, is critical. Curiosity and our innate need to know, drives us all. We all want to show others our special moments! Developing and delivering real "story telling" imagery is where a professional photographer is required.

Before engaging with any client, I would always ensure the client is comfortable with the cost of engaging a professional photographer. During the initial client interview, I try to accurately capture the client’s views and intent for the final imagery. Educating the client on what to expect of the process is important to provide a quality product.

Once images are captured and prepared for distribution, our company connects with other professionals in printing and manufacturing to complete your service agreement. There are two ways to acquire the final product from the service agreement. Your requirements always leads the way.
• First; I will hand deliver the final product myself per our service agreement, or,
• Second; Internet connected customers may choose access, acquire, and print their final images in a completely automated service portal we have without further contact with Rob Stewart Photo.

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Rob Stewart, Photographer

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