Rob Stewart Photo services is a central Alberta based company. To provide a cursory idea of our costs, the following list was compiled. The numbers shown below are cursory only, and subject to change without notice. We hope this will assist you in your quest to locate a photographer that meets your needs.

Initial interview
local per hour
local per hour night & weekend
Rob Stewart Photo Studio per hour
Commercial Location “Studio Portraits” per hour
Commercial Location “Studio” Setup
Out of town (travel in excess of one hour @ $50/hr to destination)
Milage rate – in or out of Edmonton
Meals & Secure Accommodations


$60/hr plus photo development
$80/hr plus photo development
$75/hr plus photo development
$125/hr plus photo development

Client provided after 4 hours on task


All image review, editing, development, and delivery are in addition to these rates. A requirement for short turn around times may increase the client cost.  Products chosen by the client to hold the clients images (which are subject to market changes) are at an additional cost within the service agreement.

NOTE: Where a service agreement is in place, Scheduling Modifications or Cancellation of Service by the client, will increase the service cost of service.  Failure to comply with any of the terms of the agreement (as determined by the photographer only) will result in the cancellation of the agreement and the full cost of the agreement shall be then due the Photographer.

Limitation of Liability.  The Photographers limitation of liability for any client shall not exceed the total funds paid to the photographer for services.  All permits and OSHA requirements are the responsibility of the client.

These rates and terms are subject to change without notice.  Please ensure your service agreement is fully understood.