Wood Turning In Edmonton

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I was asked to attend a wood turning club gathering.  I have an interest in wood turning and thought this would be fun.  The meeting was at a business on 99th Ave. in Edmonton.  I met people who were from … Continued

Hinton Area

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A friend texted me and asked if I was going to go out on the back roads to take some landscape photo’s.  It was a dreary overcast day.  The forecast for the next day wasn’t great either.  But the Hinton … Continued

Love at Bilby Alberta

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Landscape photographers are always searching for the next great site to photograph.  I had commented to a friend that I wanted to go to go to Bilby Alberta.  Looking on Google Earth, it was beside a lake (I later found … Continued

Aurora Watch

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Getting into night photography, something easily done in our Canadian winter, I wanted to capture photo’s of the Milky Way all the time having something in the foreground of the photo to give scale and perspective.  I viewed many of … Continued

St Albert Christmas Train

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I’ve had many comments on this series of photo’s of the St Albert Christmas Train.  I’ve lived in Alberta for fifteen years and never knew of the railroad having a Christmas Train.  This year I was told of the train, … Continued

West Edmonton Mall Photo Walk

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Today, it was the West Edmonton Mall for photo’s.  The mall administration had stated the we could not take photo’s inside any of the stores without their permission.  Okay!  Also, we could not use any tripods. As well, a large … Continued

China Town Walkabout

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Early this morning the photography club and I headed to wander the China Town area of downtown Edmonton.  Having never been there to just walk around and take photo’s, most of the time photo’s I acquired are  by happenstance.  Sometimes … Continued

Street Walk – Edmonton Downtown

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This morning we took a trip into Edmonton specifically to capture photo’s of people, places, and things we encountered.  We converged on City Hall to commence the days activities.  Epcore was out in force, in Churchill Square, installing Christmas Lights … Continued

Remembrance Day 2015 @ The Butterdome

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Another year past!  It only seems like yesterday the 2014 Remembrance Day ceremony was held at the Butterdome. The difference this year; the weather is in our favour.  We arrived early enough to obtain great parking.  It was apparent upon … Continued

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