Walk for Valour

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Yesterday a walk-a-thon occurred in support of Valour Place, a temporary home away from home for all Canadian Forces members, Families of the Fallen, Military Veterans and RCMP members along with their families who require medical treatment in Edmonton, and live … Continued

Ivor Dent Sports Park

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The Ivor Dent Sports Park was host to the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association.  The field layout was to accommodate these small children.  Over 20 individualized soccer pitches were laid out to play on.  The EMSA stated on their web site, “EMSA … Continued


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A friend called me and asked if I would come over to take professional photo’s of his elderly pets.  He only had his snapshots to remember them by.  While some people would say a snapshot they took was good enough … Continued

The Old Ball Game

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The game that everyone can relate to – baseball.  In many locations in Edmonton and indeed throughout the province, kids of all ages are playing baseball.  I recently took in my grandsons “T” ball game. “T” ball (for those who … Continued

Pioneer Museum – Stony Plain

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All over the province of Alberta, people enjoy retaining some of their past tangible history.  The Pioneer Museum in Stony Plain, Alberta, is one place where our past is well celebrated.  The thoughtful personnel who are associated with the archival process, … Continued

There Comes a Time

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Alberta, in all respects to the other provinces, is a young province.  Tangible history is scarce.  If you were to look around where you are, could you definitively say any of the structures are more than 150 years old?  For … Continued

The Alberta Legislature Bldg

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Another photo Friday with the St. Albert Photo Club.  This excursion was out to the Legislature building in downtown Edmonton, Alberta.  Time is short, when parking is at a premium dollar.  On this trip we were to take a guided … Continued

Abstract Art

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There are days where you have an idea about a final image.  So, you carve out a time.  Decide on a location.  Grab your gear, and go make history!  If it were only so.  The images I called “The Money … Continued

Egg Lake

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Time to take some unique shots.  With my new super wide lens in hand, my son and I struck out for parts unknown.  No plan!  Just go.  But what to photograph?  The sun was just setting when we left home. … Continued

Feeding the World

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A rural trip, on a not so nice day.  With good friends, I went to explore the townsite of Legal, Alberta.  I’m told that Legal has only just been recently recognized as one hundred years old.  It is a quaint … Continued

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